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Morpier is a leader in the field of mail-order sales and is the only jeweler in Italy to sell exclusively to private customers by catalogue.

In 1960 when the "Alfio Morucci started his business "Casa Morpier" in the early 1950's, with a small artisan workshop and a line of watches and silver jewelry for exclusive shops in Italy.
During a business trip to the United States in 1960, Morucci was impressed by the success of mail-order catalogue sales and decided to introduce the same technique in Italy.
This was the occasion for "Casa Morpier" to amplify the collection, introducing gold jewelry and reproductions of famous works of art. Sales to private customers were promoted by advertisements in specialized magazines and through the distribution of catalogues. The outstanding quality of the production and the originality of the marketing technique resulted in a public recognition of merit for Morucci.
Today, after 50 years of continuing success, Morucci's daughter Gabriella continues to honor the family tradition of excellence and "Casa Morpier" continues to be a source of beautiful artifacts of silver and gold, including reproductions of works of art by Cellini, Ghiberti, and others. Each artifact is hand made using the techniques handed down from 16th century Florentine goldsmith, so production is limited.
So many years of success indicate not only talent but a great sense of professional respect and honor, backed by the "Casa Morpier" lifetime guarantee.


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